Thursday, 25 August 2016

Bagaimana Merawat Kanser dan Mencegah Sel-sel Kanser dari Bercambah?

Assalamualaikum dear readers!
This time saya nak kongsikan bagaimana salah satu supplement Shaklee, Vivix, boleh membantu untuk merawat cancer.
Cancer terjadi apabila terdapat sel yang rosak di dalam badan dan menduplikasikan dirinya sendiri tanpa kawalan. Sel yang sihat, kebiasaannya akan mati dengan ‘membunuh dirinya sendiri’ dalam proses yang dinamakan apoptosis atau juga dikenali sebagai Programmed Cell Death (PCD). Proses ini berlaku selang beberapa hari dan penting supaya sel baru dapat dibentuk dan sel yang rosak dapat dibuang.

Proses apoptosis ini dikawal oleh signal-signal daripada sel itu sendiri atau daripada luar sel. Dalam kes cancer, signal untuk sel tersebut mematikan diri tidak dapat disampaikan kepada sel tersebut. Ini menyebabkan sel tersebut terus hidup dan ‘beranak pinak’.
Betul ke Vivix Boleh Membantu Mencegah Cancer?
Salah satu daripada kandungan utama dalam Vivix adalah resveratrol yang telah terbukti dalam banyak kajian saintifik boleh membantu mencegah dan merawat cancer.
Antara kajian saintifik yang membuktikan keberkesanan resveratrol melawan cancer:
  • Kajian dalam Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences pada tahun 2011 melaporkan beberapa kajian awal menunjukkan resveratrol mempunyai kesan anti cancer.
  • Kajian yang diterbitkan oleh FACEB jurnal pada October2011 menunjukkan resveratrol Berjaya menghalang sel cancer payu dara daripada membesar.
  • Kajian yang dibuat oleh University of Nebraska pada tahun 2008 mendapati resveratrol Berjaya menghalang estrogen daripada bertindak balas dengan DNA dan menyebabkan cancer payu dara.
  • Kajian yang dibuat oleh University of Florida pada tahun 2011 menunjukkan resveratrol mempunyai sifat anti-carcinogenic yang boleh menghalang sel normal menjadi sel cancer.
  • Kajian yang dibuat oleh University of Kansas pada tahun 2012 menunjukkan resveratrol boleh membantu menghalang cancer prostate daripada membesar.
Bagaimana Vivix Membantu Merawat Cancer?
Vivix membantu merawat cancer dengan membetulkan DNA sel yang rosak supaya signal sel dapat diproses dengan betul. Ini akan menyebabkan sel-sel cancer yang rosak ini ‘membunuh diri’ melalui proses apoptosis.
Apabila semakin lama menggunakan Vivix, sel-sel cancer akan semakin berkurangan dan akhirnya hilang. Anda boleh teruskan dengan Vivix walaupun anda sudah bebas cancer kerana khasiat Vivix sangatlah banyak.
Ada Ke Testimoni Pesakit Cancer Yang Berjaya Sembuh Dengan Vivix?
Meh saya kongsikan beberapa testimoni pesakit cancer yang berjaya dirawat menggunakan Vivix. Koleksi testimoni ini adalah daripada pengedar & pengguna Shaklee dari seluruh dunia.
Skin Cancer
“In October of 2007, I was diagnosed with a Basel Cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my left shin. The Dermatologist cut and scraped it out and asked to see me again in 6 months.
In July of 2008 the lesion had not healed and appeared to be even larger. We scheduled a surgical procedure to remove the entire lesion including going as deep as needed and excising healthy skin all the way around (about the size of a quarter).
In August I began using VIVIX. 4 weeks later, I went for the surgery and the cancer was essentially gone! I’ve been a dedicated Shaklee nutrition user for many years and VIVIX was the only difference in my supplement program.”
– Ann & Ed Mangelsen
Lung Cancer
“Ken was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer Oct. 2007. One tumor is located near the T3 & T4 vertebra. He was having severe pain in his upper back & the only thing that helped was morphine tablets – he needed one tab every 12 hrs. Dec of 2007 the oncologist recommended chemotherapy. We were told “there is no cure” – the hope was to “buy him some time”. And hopefully the chemo kills the cancer before it kills you! We know chemo is poison and kills good cellsalong with the bad. The formula was aggressive and strong. He got worse with each treatment and it took longer to recover between treatments. I asked if I could give him vitamins and the Dr. said not while he was having chemo. Ken rarely used Shaklee vitamins. It’s hard for him to swallow pills!
His 6th and last treatment was April 7, 2008. The oncologist told us the further out from the last chemo treatment without the cancer growing again, the better. Again I asked if I could give him vitamins now? He said “give him anything you want”. It had been 10months since his last treatment! I started Ken on (force fed him!) Cinch shakes. He had NO appetite and was continuing to lose weight, was very weak and proceeded to lose 10 more pounds! I thought he was dying. He also took Vitalizer Gold, Garlic, Alfalfa, Nutriferon, Flavomax and Zinc. (Vivix was started Aug. 2008).
June 2008 we began to see SLOW improvement – his hair and appetite started to come back. The Doctors had been monitoring him every 2 months to make sure the cancer was not growing again.
January 2009 our follow up oncology visit was a good report: He is doing well, looks great, and feels good. He said come back in 3 months instead of 2.
Feb. 16, 2009: Ken has not needed morphine or any pain pills AT ALL for the last 2 months! I believe VIVIX is helping with that also.
His 3 Doctors made these comments on how he looks:
1)      “You’re doing very well – keep doing what you’ve been doing – it seems to be working.”
2)      “You look better than you have ever looked – EVER!”
3)      “Oh my Gosh Kenny, you are back from the dead! I’m going to call you Lazarus! You look GREAT!”
-Bonnie Templeman
Child with Brain Cancer
“I spoke with Megan’s dad yesterday, and he told me that it was one year ago to the day, November 19, 2007 that they rec’d the news that Megan, age 7, had brain cancer and her prognosis wasn’t good.
So the journey began the poking, prodding, chemotherapy, bedside vigils, etc. They were introduced to Shaklee and they started little Megan on Nutriferon and Children’s Vita Lea. She began to show some improvement.
However, Todd told me that the real tipping point came in August with the introduction of Vivix; they began the daily Vivix, 1 tsp per day. Megan has shown remarkable progress ever since.
The neurosurgeons at the Mayo clinic told her parents that the type of tumor that Megan has DOES not shrink, not with chemo treatment. They were in disbelief when Megan’s tumor was almost undetectable.
Todd totally attributes her aazing progress to prayers which are so powerful but also to Shaklee’s Vivix along with the Nutriferon and vitamins.
The hope that he and his family have again is beyond words. I still find it very difficult to put what I heard in his voice into words. Todd touched me to the very depth of my being. This is why we do what we do, we are able to give people hope when they have none. God Bless.”
-Jeannie Foster

Nak Baca Lagi Testimoni?
Anda juga boleh membaca beberapa testimoni tambahan daripada pesakit cancer di Malaysia yang Berjaya sembuh dengan Vivix.

Berminat Nak Cuba Vivix?
Cubalah Vivix hari ini dan anda mungkin tak perlu menjalani rawatan kemoterapi lagi.